Emil Finnerud | Reductive Imagery

5 - 21 September, 2014

Opening reception: Friday 5 September, 18.00-21.00.

The Boiler Room, in collaboration with Lynx 760 Gallery, is proud to present an exhibition of Emil Finnerud (b. 1983).

The exhibition explores police images of the dreary home interiors of several western mass murderers, with the intention to excavate the visual and metaphysical expressions of violence. At bottom lies a fascination of the empty and faceless aesthetics which seems to connect mass murderers, in spite of different nationalities and social background.

The subjects of this exhibition are three recent young murderers. Adam Lanza, a deranged young man who shot 20 children in a US school in 2014, before comitting suicide, is at the centre of the exhibition through objects which recall elements of his home interior as documented in criminal investigation images.

Other subjects are Elliot Rodger, the perpetrator of the cold blooded Isla Vista murders as recent as May 2014 and more controversially the worst mass murderer in Norwegian modern history, Anders Behring Breivik. Several of the works in the exhibition enters the bedrooms of these human monsters, their most intimate sphere where paradoxically no trace of lived life, human history and identity was to be found. The only place these men inhabited was the internet, always in the form of avatars.

The exhibition Reductive Imagery has a parallell event in Lynx 760, the pavilion gallery in Frognerparken.

Emil Finnerud has previously exhibited in Galleri Briskeby (2013), Osaka Contemporary Art Center (2013), Bergen Kjøtt (2012), Tegneforbundet (2012) and has been selected for Høstutstillingen in 2010.


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