Henrik Pask: RL Grime's

18 Jan - 2 Feb, 2014

Artist Henrik Pask (b. 1984) is a central figure in the Norwegian counter-culture art scene which has flourished in Oslo since the mid 2000s, developing a particular aesthetic of his own, based around outsider art, consumerism, graffiti, hiphop, social media and digital slang.

Pask's work is steeped in esoteric thinking, sub-cultural references and spiritual symbolism, while thoroughly committed to collaborative processes and a subversive anti-establishment stance.Pask is a radical schaman of internet culture, blending spirituality with activism, codifying rather than translating the constant flow of images, language and social interaction that govern contemporary life.

The autodidact Henrik Pask becomes the inscrutable soothsayer of many shapes and historic guises, the outsider which appears in art as the Prince Myshkin of Dostoevsky, the Cassandra of Aeschylos, the Fool of the Tarot deck of cards, who symbolizes the search of experience and represents the mystical and irrational cleverness within us and the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world.

The exhibition will consist of mixed media works and collages. Henrik Pask has previously exhibited in Dortmund Bodega (Oslo), Volt (Bergen), NoPlace (Oslo), Kunstbanken Telemark and he participated in Høstutstillingen (The Norwegian State Exhibition) in 2011.