Jon Pettersen: XTX

23 Nov - 22 Dec, 2013

The Boiler Room is proud to present an exhibition of wearable art by textile artist Jon Pettersen.

Jon Pettersen’s research based practise has particularly centred on technical and aesthetical aspects of Jacquard weaving, one of the historically most important weaving techniques and a precursor to computer programming through its invention of punch card as recording medium.

Having researched the cultural history of Jacquard weaving, Pettersen made it a significant part of his practise to experiment with digital jacquard looms, producing patterns from digital imagery and exploring the possibilities of structure weaving, using the inherent potential in the structures, and following the transformation into a wide range of motifs, patterns and three-dimensional artefacts. As a result, some of his unique patterns not only reference art historical imagery, oriental textile traditions and natural phenomena from flora and fauna, but sometimes also carry information in the form of woven QR codes or binary numbers. In the digital landscape of pixels and algorithms, Jon Pettersen finds rare aesthetic qualities.

Jon Pettersen is associate professor at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and has exibited in several galleries and art museums, among others Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum (NNKM) in Tromsø, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum (SFKM) in Førde and Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum (KODE 1) in Bergen, Nanjing Yunjun Museum of China, Beijing. Parallell to the exhibition XTX, Pettersen participates in an exhibition at Galleri Format (Oslo) with Trine Mauritz and Ingrid Aarset.