Rina Charlott Lindgren:
Days Are Floating Through My Eyes

12 - 27 Oct, 2013

The Boiler Room is proud to present the first solo-exhibition of Rina Charlott Lindgren (b. 1983). Her work typically combines sculptural elements and found objects connected to her own personal history, as well as finely detailed figurative pencil drawings. Lindgren gathers much of her material from her surroundings and family home, as well as the gothic imagery of late Victorian fiction.

Her precise drawings, often depicting surreal and haunting motifs of wild nature and physical decay, are cleverly contrasted with rough objects of patinated wood and paper, abstract drawings and ready-mades sourced from old houses in her native Northern Norway.

Rina Charlott Lindgren is something of a contemporary Gothic storyteller, who weaves mystery out of the everyday and sees beauty in the neglect of time. She participated in the curated group exhibition Water, Water Every where, The Boiler Room 2013, and was selected for Høstutstillingen (The Fall Exhibition), Kunstnernes hus 2013. She is represented in the collections of Nordnorsk kunstmuseum and Sparebank 1 Nord-Norges kunststiftelse. Rina Charlott Lindgren graduated MFA from Trondheim Art Academy in 2011.

The exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council / Norsk kulturråd.



Pencil on paper, 115 x 83 cm, 2013


Pencil on paper, 44 x 33 cm, 2013


Pencil on paper, found object, wood and brass, 36 X 60 cm, 2012


Pencil on paper, found object, wood and brass, 36 X 60 cm, 2012


Pencil on paper, 121 x 83 cm, 2012



Installation view
Shadows of a story

Graphite on paper, 76 x 56 cm, 2011

Days are floating through my eyes

Pencil on paper, each 33 x 28 cm, 2013